Machinery installation and commissioning

Installation and commissioning of industrial machinery and the entire production lines require expertise and professional approach. Your machines should be installed and commissioned by machinery movers working closely with experienced engineers who know they job. We have the resources and plenty of experience to successfully install and commission every type of industrial equipment.


Machinery dismantling and reassembly services offered 24/7. Fully insured and professional.

Dismantling and reassembly


Planning machinery decommissioning and recommissioning services.



Take advantage of hiring machinery installation contractors. Save money on your machinery assembly.

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Machinery Dismantling and Reassembly

Machinery dismantling, reassembly and installation can be complicated. It requires skills, mechanical and electrical knowledge, expertise and the use of the right tools. If you are moving office, warehouse or factory and you have heavy machinery, you should ensure that the machinery is handled by professionals. It is not just about taking the machine apart the most difficult part is to put it back together. Dismantling, packing and reassembling of machinery is not a type of work that you can do in-house unless you have a team of professional mechanical engineers and machinery electricians.

Not every international mover or removal company has the necessary expertise and skills to handle such project. So, you have to ensure that you hire the right company based on their expertise and experience.

Machinery installation servicesIf you are looking for the right removal company, look no further. We are the right company to move your machine to any location you want us. As a leader in the industry, we have the required expertise, skills and knowledge to move any type of machine to any location. We know that machineries are made of different parts including electrical and mechanical parts. To dismantle it, you need a team of mechanical and electrical engineers. This is exactly what we have done. We have built a team of well trained and skilful engineers who can install and commission any type of factory plants..

We are not like some other machinery movers that hire workers based on physique overlooking the required knowledge, expertise and skills required for installing industrial equipment. Though, we do not overlook physique when hiring but we consider experience and knowledge and also provide further training in order to ensure that no part of our client’s machine is mishandled or wrongly fixed and installed. Any improper installation of machinery can cause serious damage and destabilise the entire production line. To avoid such unfortunate incidence, we ensure that each member of our team is highly knowledgeable about machines mechanism and is efficient in handling any type of construction tools, building, woodwork equipment, food, agricultural, farm and other types of industrial, packing and manufacturing machinery.

But we also provide them with the necessary tool and equipment that will make the work easy. We are quite aware that manpower and expertise alone are not enough to execute machinery dismantling, reassembly and installation. There is a need for the use of the right tools and moving equipment. They will come to any location you want with the right tools. Applying their experience, skills and expertise and using the right tools, they will be able to dismantle your machinery no matter how heavy it is.

We are also good in export packing of machinery parts for transportation. If you want us to provide the packing materials, let us know. Our team of professionals will come to your site with the right machine packing materials.Machinery assemblers planning decommissioning and recommissioning It can be tricky packing machine parts once it has been dismantled. It requires high carefulness, proper labelling and asset inventory. If you are not careful you may forget some nuts, screws and other small parts which can result in the machinery recommissioning. But, we don’t have such records in our history. We will make sure that every part is packed in such a manner that it will be easy to find them during reassembling and installation activities.

Planning machinery decommissioning and recommissioning

We understand the importance of planning in this type of service. This is why we normally start our service by effective planning of machinery decommissioning and recommissioning.  We have a planning team that will evaluate your machinery and provide useful information and tips on how to disassemble, transport and reassemble it. We can also assess the new site where the machine will be installed and then give you guideline about the right location for the installation of the machine when it finally arrives to your new factory. Our machinery installation and commissioning planning team is made of professional engineers and planners. They have team spirit and so, they can work together with you or your management team during the planning stage. They will review every detail to ensure that nothing is left out or overlooked.

We are quite aware that there are different types of machinery each having its unique mechanism and parts. But this does not constitute any problem for us. As it has been mentioned, we have built a team of professional machinery installation engineers who are knowledgeable about the mechanism of various type of machinery both small and big machinery used under various settings.

Given this, we can dismantle, reassemble and install various types of machineries such as manufacturingMachinery electrical installation contractors, building and construction machinery, big electrical generating sets, agro based machineries like tractors, machines used for production and processing of various items and many more.

Machinery installation contractors

Outsourcing your assembly and commissioning needs to a professional machinery electrical installation contractors has plenty of advantages:

  • You pay for hiring the factory plant installation contractors only when you need them
  • You do not have to worry and spend any money on training your full time employees
  • You benefit from the contractor experience in installing industrial equipment as they deal with different type of machinery working for business from many industries
  • You can call machinery assemblers at any time during the day and at night as they offer 24/4, last minute machinery commissioning.
  • Cheap machinery installation services.