Factory clearance and machinery recycling services

Are you looking to close your factory or maybe you are buying a new machinery and have no idea what to do with your old production line or plant equipment? What can be repaired we will fix, renovate and resell! What can be taken to the scrap will be sold! What will have to be disposed of will be disposed of in a eco-friendly green manner!

Clearance services

From one machine up to the entire factory clearance - all production lines including demolition.

Clearance services


Following the factory clearance if required we can deal with full site demolition.

Demolition services

Factory scrap

machinery disposal - resell, renovation, taking to the scrap yard, resell on auctions.

Disposal options

You need a factory clearance, use the expert service

Whether it is local relocation or installation of machinery or it is an international movement our machinery disposal service is there for your needs. The expert recycling service provides flexibility for all business requirements, be it factory, plant or equipment relocation, dismantling or transportation. Our service providers have a dedicated team of engineers and technician and the right technology and recycling solutions. Our machinery and plant machinery recycling company has a fleet of heavy vehicles, lorry mounted cranes, trucks and other lifting and moving equipment that is capable of lifting heavy loads of various sizes and types. The factory clearance service is provided all over UK thus there are specialized local supports anywhere you want. 

Is it the factory site reconstruction that is the cause of your worry?

Machinery recycling servicesThe factory clearance specialists offer efficient and compliant service for factory or plant premises. So if you want the premises to be cleared then get the items recycled. You sure need special service. The services by the factory clearance specialist are total site clearance including the waste, lifting and moving the equipment, recycling or processing the equipment, taking care of the electrical services and making use of them or recycling as felt apt. All this with the help of skilled labour and machines and equipment. 

The experience and recycling, resell and scrap support service are well equipped for small sites to large warehouses. All the health and safety rules are kept in consideration. The safety of the customers, the employees and the contractors and worker are of top priority. The guideline rules and precaution are taken seriously while on work.  The work contains interaction with hazardous substances and situation and thus skilled and well-trained staff commences the work to ensure that giving proper attention to every aspect completes the machinery recycling and factory clearance work undertaken with no problems.  The attention to quality of service and safety makes the company built a reputation, which goes a long way in speaking about their work.

Your factory scrap or machinery recycling needs are taken care with expert disposal management services

Metal Management provides you a cost effective service that you can use for recycling of your plant and machinery or for salvage.  The industrial vehicles, lorries, plant equipment all need recycling and they can be best catered by these expert service providers. All services are carried out by our UK machinery movers.

The services rendered are expert advice on planning a project, proper guidance on dismantling or recycling of huge machinery, plant or stock, lifting and storage of heavy equipment. The labour is skilled and well equipped for the services they provide. All machines of no use will be scraped. The factory plants that can be fixed will be renovated and resoled and advertised for sell on a number of used machinery auctions.

The scrap generated is also dealt in at competitive prices, and all measures are taken care of to make sure the health and safety guidelines are undertaken. The reason to choose is many but nothing beats price and service.

Machinery disposalThe industries that the company caters to are varied

The company provides machinery disposal and factory clearance services for automobile, aerospace, building, construction machines, food and all other industries for many years. The outstanding clearance and rebuild services to all industry sectors are provided in installation and movement of conveyors, press lines and other equipment.

Power sector is very recently brought under the umbrella of service sector. The installation of various equipment, removal of waste, for Biomass plant, coal-fired power station is provided.

Food & Beverage is another sector that the company caters to. Packaging, canning equipment are used and they are installed or moved around. Our machinery disposal and recycling firm has a fleet of lifting and handling equipment and provide services around the UK - London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Chester, Wigan, Warrington, Stockport, Glasgow and many more. The cranes, trucks, Movement vehicles are all well equipped to move the industrial equipment and help installation too.

Do you need to shift bases; here is the best support for it

Industrial machinery recycling is a risky job. One needs to be very careful while making any changes for the same. There can be environmental damages and can risk the workers too. It needs an expert who knows the job well and can get the work done taking care of all the safety measures. The machinery can't by simply taken to the land-field. All factory plants have to be drained from any fluids, cleaned and taken to pieces. We also do construction waste disposal.

Your work area after the clearance may needs some refurbishment too and our experts provide for the same. The various factory clearance and heavy equipment recycling or scrap services that are offered are:Tank cleaning, plant disposal, Waste disposal and services when sale of plant takes place.

There are many firms that deal in industrial oil that have huge oil containers, these containers need cleaning and maintenance and it can be risky given the content and the size, the specialist knows their job well, for them no tank is big or small. Similar to oil containers there are hazardous industrial wastes that need to be cleaned away from the plan premises and disposed off in environmental friendly way.

There are environment rules and regulations that are followed while providing the recycling service. If you are planning to clear the area of plant then also there is a lot of scrap that needs to be dealt with, our experts here also provides added services of re-mediation work on the soil, the land needs replacement of contaminated soil. The expert service also involves in buying and reselling of used industrial plant from around UK. Thus your plant machines and equipment are put to best used, even when you are no more using them.

Factory clearance and demolition services