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Importing or exporting heavy machinery is quite a complex task if you have not done it before. In addition to the engineering knowledge you have to orient yourself towards all the complicated international machinery shipping requirements, procedures customs documentation. With our experience international machinery movers your heavy equipment will get to its final destination on time.

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Shipping costs

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International machinery moversThe fact is that amidst the shipping of all forms of things including goods, equipment, vehicles, wood, steel and many others, the most sophisticated and dangerous lies in the worldwide shipping of heavy equipment, tools and machineries. This includes the heavy duty manufacturing plants and production lines.

However, one fact is that the nature and size of the industrial, agricultural, printing equipment, farm and other manufacturing machinery is no reason for them to be dirty. Because of this, the same advice you get for other heavy equipment is the same thing you are getting for the machineries.  The first thing you need to look at is how clean is your machinery you want to ship overseas.

To some countries you can export only clean machinery

If you have been using the machine for production and the machinery is not brand new, you have to give it a thorough cleaning before you can import or export it from or to another country. Especially if you are organizing machinery shipping to Australia or New Zealand. Dirty equipment may be contaminated with pest that do not exist in those countries and which introduction could cause devastating and irreversible damages to the home habitat. Because of this, you need to undertake proper machinery cleaning and decontamination before shipping it. If you do not do this, you will fall into the hands of quarantine people who will have their workers to clean it on your expense. You have to look at dirt and organic contaminations and insure that they are all removed.

Machinery shipping costs

There are many factors that will affect international machinery removals costs. The fact is that machineries mostly have very different duty rates. But the general thing is that they are cheaper or even free of costs in many countries. However, this depends on the country you are importing into. for example international machinery removals to most countries in Europe would be tax free and shipping to USA, Canada, South Africa, UAE, Qatar could cost you some extra money.

Many people who purchase and move heavy machinery abroad become afraid because they are too heavy and bigger than the standard ISO 20ft or 40ft sea shipping containers. But this is not a problem, as there are adequate measure and systems of shipping these heavy duty machineries. This can be shipped by placing it on the RO - RO vessels or through the break bull system.

International machinery shipping servicesHowever in some cases, machineries that prove to be too big for the containers are disassembled and packed into the containers before shipping. Disassembling of parts like rippers, blades, ROPS and others will save the space that the full machine would take in a container and will result in the decrees of machinery shipping costs.

When you use our Machinery Dismantling and Reassembly Services, you can ship together or separately and use less expensive, more accessible moving equipment.

Now, the fact is that shipping agencies will help you out in doing this, though you are advised to clean well. There might be cases where quarantine inspectors stop the machineries on the way.

In these cases, the machinery shipping agencies will take care of all issues. This might include additional cleansing, fumigation or others. International machinery movers can also help you in purchasing these machineries when they are being sold on used machinery Internet auction at offshore locations.

Another area you must work on is the leaks. It is very difficult to get machineries that do not drip oil, gas or water at one point or the other. The truth is that it will not be shipped if it comes with these. Because of this, you must insure that your machinery does not come with any leaks. To be on the save side you can collaborate with our machinery mechanics to take care of these before you send your heavy equipment overseas.

International machinery removals form and to the UK

Shipping abroad can be described as the international heave duty equipment transportation from one country to the other. This is the type of international machinery haulage that can either be done by air, through the sea, by rail and on land. So, this simply means moving your machine overseas from the UK. However, there are procedures you must follow if you want to export your machinery properly, safely and in accordance with the international machinery relocaton law.  So, you have to first of all get the full knowledge of what this type of international moving entails.

The list of the procedures is for you to first of all get at least three moving quotes from machinery shipping companies, brokers or agencies. This is for you to be able to compare and choose the best from the three and get a quality but cheap international machine mover to do the job for you.

International haulage and machinery transport abroadWhen you have the three quotes, you can now go ahead to choose the right international removal company. When you have chosen the right firm, you can now go for the best shipping insurance for your machinery.

Make sure it is properly insured. When you have gotten the proper international removals insurance, you can now move ahead for the preparation to sell, buy a machine oversea or if you are setting up a new business abroad for the preparation to get everything done and dusted.

However, the bulk of the success of your machinery shipping is determined by the shipping company you choose. There are numerous ways of choosing the best worldwide shipping firms, and you must explore them all.

They include the shipping costs or the amount on the quotation, how reputable the company is, the company’s history and customer care avenues, legacy, terms and conditions, duration of shipping and many other things. You can make an online search for the best international delivery companies operating in your area or you can ask some your friends that have shipped factory plants and production lines in the past to help you out. And remember a hep international move is not always the best choice.

International removal services

We can collect your machinery, tractors, machine tools, lathes, CNC machines equipment, tractors, production lines, farm machinery, woodworking equipment and used steel working machinery and other factory plants to anywhere in Europe and Worldwide. We specialize in machinery removals to France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Norway and all other European countries. We are also shipping machinery to China, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Qatar, South Africa, New Zealand and many many more.