Machinery and heavy equipment storage

Whether you want to storage just one farm, agricultural or construction machine or the entire production line we are the right machinery storage company. We can store CNC machine, lathes, grinders, benders, printing presses, production lines, milling machines, drillers, drillers, track harvesters, excavators, air conditioning equipments, boilers, tanks, hydromatic tools and many other manufacturing machinery.

Flexible storage

You can keep your machinery with us long term and short term. There is no extra or hidden charges.

Cheap storage

We tailor our services to your needs. From simple storage to temperature controlled and maintenance.

Other services

Cheap machinery storage is not the only service we offer. Visit our homepage to discover more!

Heavy plant and equipment storage Services

The storage of machineries can be a very troublesome task. But the truth remains that it can only be troublesome to you if you do not have the skills and facilities needed for the storage. Because of this, you are advised to always use the services of professional UK machinery storage company.

This is our work and this is what we offer you.  There are different types of customers that are in need of machinery storage, and there are different types of storage that we offer to different customers according to their type of machinery and the services they prefer. Because of this, we offer different types of services to different types of customers.

UK machinery storage servicesWe offer farm machinery storage, electronic equipment storage, building and manufacturing machinery storage. The equipment can be kept in wooden crates, temperature controlled rooms or in one of our warehouses.

The customers that are mainly in need of our storage services are those who deal in both new and used machinery. We also service manufacturers, dealers and online used machinery auctions. There are some manufacturers who may be in need of some additional storage for their production equipments that can be termed non-essential. This set also need our services to store these non-essentials and insure that they do not fall in harm’s way. 

Again, people who are into the consolidation of machineries for experts also fall within the group of people we service. This will also involve services like machinery packing and crating and the containerization of cargoes. There are also some cases when manufacturers have projects that smacks off the need for temporary spaces where they will assemble very large equipments.

Other firms that are always in need of UK machinery storage companies include some logistic companies that are normally in the service of holding equipments down in some places until these are due for delivery. Those firms will need our services for the cheap storage of these equipments till it is time for delivery.  There are also some people who engage in the worldwide machinery shipping into the country and who are always in need of new coasts for the distributions of such. We handle the storage of these machineries for them till they need them.

We offer specialized heavy equipment storage that starts from the arrival of your machinery. This means that once the equipment arrives, we will take great care of your machinery by treating them with respect and value. The process of storage will start with a proper photography of all the equipments to make a record of the full condition and component of the machinery upon arrival. The first sets of photographs are taken while the equipments are still inside the machinery haulage truck. From here, we now move on to take another set of photographs after uploading the equipments.

After the photographs, all the equipments go through very articulate inventory tagging. for those in need of storage for their equipments, you can ship them to us or request that we come and pick them up from your location, all we know is that you will get completely safe and secure storage from us.

Cheap Machinery storage companies UK

There are some reasons that stand us out as the best machinery storage firms around. One of those is the fact that we can also offer cheap and heated storage building, and this makes sure that your equipment or machinery will be in great shape and state all the time. We also offer help in the test running of your machinery if your customers are to come around for such. Please check our plant repair services.

Cheap heavy equipment and Machinery storage companies UKWe offer you services with the most highly trained personnel and will use a lot of means to monitor the storage of your machines. Video surveillance and proper alarm systems insures that you can never have any case of theft of loss.

We give other extra services that announce us so loud amongst our contemporaries. The first one here is the fact that we go the extra mile of offering some form of maintenance and machinery installation services, and because we are providing this for you, it will come at a much reduced amount when compared to what you will pay out there. 

We also service you with very flexible time-frame of cheap machinery storage services, such that you can always hire our off-site storage whenever you need and terminate whenever you need.

You can also hire for how long you need. A day, days, weeks, months, we offer on flexible durations.

Contact our UK machinery storage companies and find out how much it is to store your heavy equipment with us. Should you need any machinery movers, we have the right moving equipment and expertise to help you out. Combining our storage services with removals turns out always cheaper.