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We are a company that has provided a broad spectrum of machinery packing services for many years to private individuals and to the national and international organizations. We know how to pack your factory plants so that once they have been moved they work as accurately as they should. Our professional packing services will prevent your equipment from any potential damage and corrosion. Do not take any risk and get professionals to export pack your machines industrial machines.  


Fragile and delicate machinery packing to prevent damage, getting rusty and loss of parts.

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Wooden crates are the best solution to keep your machinery safe during the transition.

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Experienced and professional machinery packers able to deliver services across the UK.

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Export Packing of Large Machinery

Packing and crating are crucial aspects of international trade. Generally, if you are exporting goods, you cannot avoid crating. Before any machinery is exported, it has to be dismantled, cleaned, packaged and crated. If goods are not properly packaged, things will not go well. The need for proper packing for easy crating becomes more essential and cannot be emphasised enough when exporting of large machinery is involved. Large factory plants occupy a large space and some are amoebic in shape and so, it is impossible to crate them unless they are well packed.

Export machinery packing for movingPacking large machinery requires high level of expertise. In certain cases, the packers may have to disassembly the machinery into its various parts so that they will be able to pack and crate it. This type of packing is not what any person can do. If you are exporting heavy machinery and you are in need of packing, you should ensure that you hire a reliable machinery moving company with the required experience and expertise in packing heavy machinery.

As experienced machinery packers, we have built a team of well trained heavy machinery engineers. No matter the type of machine that you want to export, our team of dedicated machinery packers are capable of packing and crating it.

If you are exporting machinery, it is important that you protect it during moving whether you are exporting it through the high sea or by air. Turbulence on the air or in the high ocean can create heavy shock on the machine and this can affect the functionality or performance of the machine. It can also damage the machine causing you to spend extra money on repairing it after it has been delivered. So, if you want to get your machine in good condition, there is a need for you to protect it.

The best protection is given to machinery when they are packed and crated for international removals. It has to be packed with the right packing materials which depend on the type of machine being exported. You may have to use bubble wrap, straps, hooks, ropes, wedges, or similar material in packing certain parts or the entire production lines to help reduce shock caused by turbulence in the high ocean or on air, fall of crates contain the parts and other causes.

Machinery packers

Our team of expert machine packers understands the need to protect machinery against shocks and breaks. This is why before they start packing any heavy machine, they will first of all evaluate the machinery to be shipped in order to determine the right packing materials to be used for it and the best method to pack the machinery in order to reduce shock.

We can provide these packing materials but if you want to provide them yourself, there is no problem. We will give you the list of the required packing material for you to buy them. But it will be better and more cost effective for us to provide the packing materials for you. We are into the business and we can easily distinguish original packing materials from fake ones. Besides, we offer discount to clients that allow us to provide all the packing assistance.

Machinery crating

Crating machinery We don’t only pack heavy machinery, we also offer machinery crating services. As it has been said above, crating is very crucial in export and important of goods. If you pack your machinery very well but you don’t crate properly, you have simply done thing. All you have done is an exercise in futility. Poor crating may not provide better protection to the machinery being exported.

Crating is mainly done for protection. It is the process in which items are put in crate before they are loaded on a ship as cargo. Our machinery packers are also trained to crate machinery. The wooden crates are designed and made in our warehouse.

We don’t just have the necessary expertise; we also have the required equipment. Combining our expertise with the use of necessary packing and crating equipment, we will be able to accomplish any task on time. Our team of experts will apply their knowledge and experience and also put their tools in use when they are packing your machinery for moving. The work will be smooth, easy, and quick and nobody will be exposed to any risk.

Our packing and crating services are highly affordable. We are also open to negotiation. We have no hidden charges. You can rely solely on the final quote you gave us. If you want your machinery to be delivered in good condition, you have to hire our packing and crating services.

Our machinery electricians can also disconnect and restart your production lines. We can provide the entire factory relocation planning and management.

Machinery packers