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The internet is a good resource for finding great deals on things to buy. Selling or buying used machinery is on the internet is no different. Internet auction websites are a great source for many items that you would not be able to buy equipment at that given price. Since you can buy almost anything on the internet, buying used machinery online is an option for you to consider.

Internet auctions

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Internet auctions

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What is an internet auction?

One of the best opportune places to buy used machinery online is at an internet auction. An internet auctions also known as an online auction UK. These auctions are made for public and private realms and will take place at a specific web domain. Internet auctions make it possible the auctioneers to sell their items to people across the globe who share the same interest in acquiring what is being sold. Successful internet auctions are those that are auctioneering a product that is in high demand. Prices can be set high as a starting bid and can run up to double or triple the amount because of the high demand.

How does the online auction site work?

Each internet auction is different from another, but will differ in certain aspects like the location of the auction – e.g. the web domain name, the buyers, sellers, auctioneers and products being sold.

For the most part in order to protect the nature of the auction and keep things civil, safe and respectful, many auctioneers and companies who are hosting the internet auction require both buyers and sellers to register with the site where the auction will take place.

Certain sites require a screening before accepting any buyers and sellers. The registration process requires all the participants – buyers and sellers, must have a valid email address, create a user-name and financial institution information such as bank cards and account information must be verified to complete the process. After registrars have passed the screening, they are able to place bids on the product being auctioned. In this case the product is used machinery.

The auctioneer or seller will create a detailed description of all the machinery available. The product details will include:

  • Free online plant auction sitesMachine type
  • Date of purchase
  • Model type
  • Product function
  • Photo of model
  • Price of initial bid
  • Time frame of auction
  • Number of bids placed

Typical UK auctions run from three to seven days. Some may remain open for longer periods of time. All the registered buyers who are interested in the auction will login into the auction site and place their bids. Bids will continue until one of the registered buyers exceeds the minimum initial bet. If the bid made by the registered buyer is unsurpassed by any other registered buyer, the bid on the used machinery item will close. The registered buyer will have made the winning bid and will be able to own the item. Payment will be issued to the seller before the product is released.

Make sure all the internet auctions you choose to participate in are trusted sites and have been approved by the Better Business Bureau BBB a rating.

Here are some pros and cons of buying at an online plant auction :


  • You can get incredible deals on used machinery.
  • Bidding can be exciting and the possibility of winning invigorating.
  • Lower taxes, insurance and ownership costs can be reduced. These are not traditional costing and the price does not always apply to market share.
  • Controlled negotiations. You can negotiate with your own buying power.
  • Auctions normally price the machinery and its attachments and equipment parts together into a single price as opposed to buying them separately.
  • You can use our machinery engineers to check the condition of the machine you want to buy (paid service)


  • Bidding process may be tedious and long. Auction sites can prolong bids in order to make more money and revenue.
  • Bidding processes can be rigged. Buyers and auctioneers can team up to create and falsify information on the products and inflate the prices.
  • You cannot inspect the product before bidding or purchasing. Majority of internet auctions are final and return of merchandise can almost be impossible after bill of sale is applied and issued.
  • Auction sites have the right to revoke any bids or even retract the auction or bid when necessary.

Why the auction is free and who can use it?

Our UK internet factory plant auctions are free to use for everyone who wants to sell or buy a piece of machinery. We do not charge for posting ads on our website and you can add as many machines, trailers or trucks as you want. As a professional machinery movers we offer all services related to moving, repairing, installation and transportation of heavy equipment and hope you will give us a chance to provide you with a quote to move the machinery you have soled or bought on our online auctions website.

What type of machines you can sell or buy on our live auctions site?

You can post any type of machines on our auctions website. It is free and with no obligation. To post a machinery for sell add on our free to use internet site you need to email use a few picture and as much details abut the machine you want to sell as you can. Machinery and plant AuctionsThe more details you provide the better chances you have of selling your equipment. If you provide your telephone contact number or an email address we will publish it on out website. The buyers and sellers will contact you directly to strike the deal. Most often posted factory plants and machinery on our website include just to name a few the following:

Machinery and plant auctions is one of the best ways to get a second-hand, cheap piece or machine your business needs.