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Heavy duty skates and dollies are almost always needed when it comes to moving a heavy load. When the access is limited and tight, when there are width and height restrictions simply large lifting equipment can't be used. That's why the moving skates are so popular among the factory owners and moving firms. We have a full range of machinery and factory plant skates ready to be used. We know the best moving solutions and tricks and and can't wait to prove you how good we are. There is no need for you to pay for highly advance technology and buy new moving skates just for one move. We have bought them already and have plenty of experience as we had used them hundreds of times. Shell you decide to purchase skates so you can use them over and over we can train you employees. Give us a call or drop us a quick email for more details.

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How to use?

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Machine skates

Currently there are many removal skates available on the market. You can get some from overseas, some from local shops manufactured by UK based companies and some from dealers representing many different firms from all over the world. There are two questions you may ask yourself what brands are the best and what type of skates will be suitable for the job you need to complete?

How to use skates properly?

Machine skatesFirst of all let's have a look on the best moving practises. What way is the best three or four corner system? Placing the skate under each corner of a machine seems like a very good idea but in fact there is a much better and safer way to approach the move of a heavy load.

Using four moving dollies to relocate a piece of heavy equipment is only advisable if the floor or the surface on which the skates will roll is clean and even with no holes, thresholds, steps, sand and other dirt. The uneven ground will make your machine swing just like a rocking horse or chair. When the machinery swings its weight is distributed unevenly on the skates. Very often one skate is left with no weight on and slips out which may cause dangerous accidents, injure your machinery movers, damage the machine and the floor.  All of this would of course cause the delay in starting your production which results in money loss of your business and a lot of phone calls from unhappy customers. And who likes loosing good, over and over coming back clients?

In everyday life it is not very likely your dollies will travel on the even ground. Usually the surface inside and outside factories is made of concrete which is full of bigger and smaller cavities, drains, holes and cracks. Very often you have to use loading bays and ramps which are not always in a perfect condition.

3 point skate moving system

So what's the best solution? How to use moving dollies more safely and minimize the risk of potential accidents, damages, injuries and delays? You may know the answer already or at least you may guess and have some ideas. You can make a quick experiment. Find a medium sized piece of furniture and take four books. Three of them should be equally thick and one of them much thinner. Place all books under each corner of your furniture and check if it is stable by putting some pressure on the top of it. It will not take you long to notice that at some point when you keep changing the point of pressure the furniture starts to swing. Now take one of the books away and the other move to the middle, two books should stay where they are. Now you can see that even when you change the point of pressure the furniture does not swing.  

The best way of using moving skates is to use just three of them instead of four. If you use three moving dollies the weight of the machinery will be evenly distributed even on the uneven surface. The moving skates will not slip out as all the time they will be pushed hard to the floor by the weight of the equipment being moved on them. This is one of the reasons why all professional machinery engineers use three dollies solution to drag heavy equipment.

Now you know how many moving skates you will need to move any heavy item safely and professionally. Three moving dollies solution is not only the safes way but also the most universal configuration that will allow you to use them in many different configurations.

Four and more points dollies solution

Unfortunately not all machines are even at the bottom. Sometimes they seat on the different shape base which is fixed to the machine or permanently attached to it. In such situations you may have no other choice but to use four skates. Machinery skatesLuckily our magnanimous engineers have the right solution which is very obvious. As we have mentioned already our moving skates are universal and can be set up in many different configuration.

You can place them where ever you need and use as many as you need. Unfortunately using more than three dollies at the same time, for example four or five and more are not as safe as using just three at the time. The dollies can slip out due to the machine rocking and swinging on uneven ground, leaving one of the skates free with no weight on it. Therefore we advise that each dolly is monitored by one person and you pull the dollies more carefully and slowly.

The dollies have different load capacities. For example if you have a machine which weighs 40 ton and the even surface, implementing three skates solution you could use 1 dolly with the weight capacity of 20 ton and two dollies with the load capacity of 10 ton each. Unfortunately you can't use this logic when using four or more dollies. For instance the same 40 ton piece of machinery transported on 4 x 10 ton dollies on uneven floor could result in one of the dollies being broken which could cause additional complications. You need to remember that the uneven floor makes the machine swing. When the machine rocks, its weight is distributed unevenly on the dollies. At some point one of them could carry not 10 ton but 15 ton which would be far over its weight capacity. So always make sure you have a sufficient surplus of the weight capacity on each dolly.

How to choose right machinery skate?

Unfortunately the machinery skate prices rise in proportions to the weight capacity. Before you decide which skate you want to buy make sure you check the type of the surface in your factory and the weight of your machines. Sometimes spending more on the proper factory plant skates with sufficient carrying load capacity will give you an extra piece of mind, save you a lot of stress, unpleasant situations and in the end a lot of money too.

What types of moving dollies there are?

Machinery moving skatesThere are quite a few different types of machines skates. We possess all of them so we can provide the best service to our customer. Advantage of using three removal dollies system is very encouraging. Three machinery skates are very easy to manoeuvre. One dolly in front can be steered very easily. The two dollies in the back follow it like the back wheels in the car follow the front one.    

We also have machinery skates that can be steered in any direction. We call them 360 degree moving skates. They are very useful when the space to around the machine is very tight.

They make the entire relocation process much easier as the machine can be rotated. Sometimes it is not possible to take out a machine out of a building without using 360 degree rotating skates. Unfortunately this type of moving equipment is more expensive due to its state of the art technology.  

We also use tandem machine dollies for more stability and to add some extra manoeuvrability to the machine at the back. These dollies facilitate manoeuvring the machine from the back. They find application in moving machines which weight is distributed unevenly. For example one end of the machine is much heavier than the other. Tandem skates are equipped with and steering handle.

Machine moving skate prices

Machinery hydraulic lifting skates and dollies prices vary from as little as £94 up to £2000 and more. The prices depend on the brand, the type of the material they have been made of, wheel size, number of wheels, load area, skate size and weight, handle length, adjustability and first and foremost on the weight capacity. In the table below we show how much the machine skates manufactured by most popular machinery dollies manufactures cost:

Make / Brand / Manufacturer Type of the skate Price
iTECH 16 Tonne Machine Skate Set £348
W&J Set of 9 Ton Machine Skates £239
iTECH 24 Tonne Machine Skate Set £440
W&j Set Of 18ton Moving Skates £399
Tiger Heavy Duty Machinery Skate Kits £560
Hillman Rollers 24 Ton KNRS-24-SLP Nyton Series Padded Machinery Skates Kit NEW £1634
Northern Industrial Machinery Dolly — 12-Ton Capacity, 360° Rotation £89
Different Capacity over 200 ton In most cases over £2000


Of course if you can afford spending money on brand new equipment you can buy used machinery skates. Depends on the state of the dolly you can get it for 30% of the market value up to 70%.