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Machinery mounted cranes can make most projects much easier, quicker and smoother. Wherever we can we use our state of art cranes to speed up the completion of the move to minimize the downtime to your company. Give us a call for a free cost estimate. We provide all sorts of lorry mounted cranes and experienced operators.


For every type of job we have a right crane. Get the work done smoothly and cost effectively.

Machinery Cranes

Crane capacity

Whether you have 1, 5, 10 or 30 ton machine we have the right crane to accomplish the project.

Crane capacity

Crane operators

Each crane is different and may require different operator licence. Our operators can drive them all!

Crane operators

Machinery Cranes

Cranes are among the important moving equipment used by the construction companies for lifting of heavy loads. In fact, it will be difficult to carry out certain construction works without cranes.

Truck mounted craneThey are also used under industrial setting for the lifting of heavy loads. The shipping industries make use of crane to load and offload ships. Hauling will be a very difficult job and in some cases impossible if there are no cranes.

This explains why lorry mounted cranes are extensively used by the hauling industry. Machinery cranes are tall and made with strong metals capable of lifting heavy loads.

They are mounted on a lorry or a truck or some other moving vehicles. Machinery cranes are available in a number of length and sizes. There are some that are very tall and can lift objects to a very high height or bring them down from the height.

There are some that are not too high and are only meant to lift items or bring them from a small height.

It is the type of work that you are doing that will determine the height of the crane to be used.

Crane load capacity and types

Lorry mounted cranes also differ in their load capacity. There are some that are meant to lift bulky and very heavy items or even the entire container. There are also small truck mounted cranes used to lift small loads. Construction and shipping companies normally make use of high capacity cranes for lifting of heavy construction equipment, cargo, tools, factory plants and loads. Small capacity cranes are used by various industries including moving, shipping and construction industries. 

It is not enough to know how to drive a car in order to operate and drive a new or used truck mounted crane. You have to undergo special training in order to be able to operate a crane. Whether you are into hauling, construction or shipping business and you have a need to lift loads, you can hire our lorry mounted cranes with an operator and experienced movers.

Lorry mounted craneOur high weight capacity lorry mounted cranes are specially made to provide tension free lifting to our client's machinery. They can be used under various environments and settings. We have small and large lorry mounted cranes that can be driven in an enclosed environment for lifting of objects within the factories or warehouses.

There are also some suitable to be driven in open environment. So, no matter the type of lorry mounted crane that you want or the type of load you want to lift, you can hire our lorry mounted crane services.

We are popular machinery crane business. Our cranes are always in good condition and are easy to operate. If the items to be hauled are in swampy areas, you should not bother yourself about how to lift and bring the loads out. We have lorry mounted cranes specially made for lifting items in swampy construction sites.

The lorry comes with specially made tires that can maintain strong traction with any type of terrain. So, with such type of tires, the lorry can be used to work effectively in swampy regions.

Crane operators

We are quite aware that lorry mounted crane requires special expertise and skills to be operated. It is not everybody that can operate it. If you cannot operate the machine by yourself and none of your workers is capable of operating such machine, you don’t have to worry so much about it. We have trained and professional lorry mounted crane drivers and operators. So, you can also hire their services as well unless you want to hire only our crane. As professional company we prefer to provide full service - crane with operator and installation team.

Machinery crane operatorAs experience crane company, we have other types of cranes such as truck mounted cranes. So, if you need any other type of crane or crane mounted in any other type of vehicle, let us know and we will provide you with one.

Our cranes are available at a competitive price. We are flexible with our prices. Our costs are open for negotiation.

We have been in this business for a number of years and we have gained a lot of experience.

Apart from the crane services to all our commercial, industrial and residential clients we provide also other skilled workers like machinery mechanics or industrial electricians. To ensure that we provide quality service, we have gone the extra mile in providing certification for all our equipments and operators. With well trained and experienced machinery crane operators on hand, we will provide you with the best service.