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Each project require different type of equipment. For safe lifting and lowering of machinery plants and other industrial equipment we use heavy duty toe, bottle, air, hydraulic, had or electrical pump machinery jacks. On our offer we have different types of jacks for different applications. We provide machine lifting service, hire and sell jacks. Just give us a call and tell what your requirements are. We will be happy to help in every situation.

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Machinery lifting jacks

To put a heavy piece of machinery on a skate the machine has to be lifted up first and then slowly sat down on it. The lifting up process can be accomplished by using specialist equipment – The hydraulic toe jack. There are many of jacks available on the market. We use jacks manufactured by different companies depending on the type of machine, its weight, the way it sits down on the floor and other logistic factors. The toe jacks we use have been designed by some of the best machinery engineers and have been field tested before marketed. Over past years we have checked a lot of them too in the toughest manufacturing conditions and now we know exactly what we can expect from them, which are the best for a particular projects and first and foremost we have learned how to use them safely and professionally.

How to use a machinery toe jack?

The toe jack due to the toe's thickness – only 1cm, is suitable for lifting factory plants sitting on very short legs. The toe's starting position can be very easily changed to a desired height.

Machinery toe jacksFor example if a machine has been placed on the 20cm stands the toe can be moved to the same height which saves a lot of work as you do not have to pump the jack up to match the height of the stands. When pumping up the jack its toe moves up inside of the rails. The rails keep the toe in a vertical path making impossible for the jack to tilt in any directions.

The machinery jacks come in different heights. The machines can be also lifted with the head of the jack. The higher lifting capacity jacks are equipped in a handle and wheels to facilitate the carrying them as they can weigh as much as 60kg. Both wheels and the handle can be taken off if the situation requires it.

For additional stability the heavy equipment lifting jacks come with two feet that can be rotated. If there is a sufficient space under the machinery the feet should be facing towards the centre of the machine for maximum security. If you are lifting it up from the side the feet can be positioned to the sides or completely in opposite direction to fit the jack under the moving object.  

The jack's toe it's not completely stiff. It can change the angle of slope a little bit to draw level with the angle of the lifting machine which starts to lean while being lifted up. The angle to which the toe can move is limited to 10 degree. Because of the angle flexibility the jack can be placed on the 10 degree inclining or declining surface.

The control panel can be found at the back. Usually there are two knobs. One has been designed to slide down the machine on the jack in a very slow and controlled fashion. The other knob is the security valve. It is connected with the maximum load capacity control valve which prevents the jack from being overloaded and braking down.

Some heavy machinery lifting toe jacks can be pumped up be an external electrical pump. The pump can be connected to the jack by a Non-Drip Quick Connect Couplings.

The handle for pumping the jack by hand can be rotated to a suitable position so it is more comfortable to use. The handle can be also used to pull the jack on its wheels just like it was a trolley.

Our jacks have been tested hundreds of times. On each job we bring with us a few replacement jacks and spare parts just in case one of them stopped working.

Advantages of using factory plant toe jacks

  • Relatively light equipment, very easy to transport and carry
  • Very flexible with adjustable toe and supporting feet
  • Unbelievably thin and at the same time strong toe which enables getting under machines at the lowest possible point
  • Very convenient machinery can be lifted up and slide down on the jack's head or toe. The toe can be locked in appropriate to the situation position.
  • Very save in use, equipped in overload weight limit control to prevent the jack from damage
  • Save and easy machinery lowering function, full control of the speed ensures delicate positioning of heavy items on the dollies.
  • Very secure, solid and stable toe jack design and construction, materials used and workmanship.
  • If used a factory can be pumped up be an external electrical pump. If used in a remote area can be pumped up by hand with a handle provided.
  • Small and large air, hydraulic toe jacks can be used alone or in variety of combinations.

Jack's application

The jacks can be used in different types of industries for the variety of different reasons. They are commonly used by machinery movers to lift up and place on dollies heavy machinery, industrial ovens, factory plants, cars, building and construction parts etc. The 5, 10 , 15, 20, 30 , 40, 50 ton and more weigh capacity hydraulic air bottle and standard jacks find application in the following industries and situations, just to name a few:

  • Lifting up trucks and cars in car repair garages - Hydraulic bottle car jack or beam jacks
  • Installing factory plants
  • Relocating existing equipment from old to the new site
  • Lifting mobile houses, bridges and structural elements
  • All heavy equipment that need to be moved
  • Lifting heavy loads and objects
  • Screw Jacks for positioning and levelling heavy machinery
  • For lifting tractors, agricultural and building machines
  • For lifting farm equipment and forklifts to change wheels
  • For holding and moving all types of loads
  • For lifting containers, heavy fireproof and burglary proof file cabinets
  • Cable drum jacks for lifting heavy cable drums
  • Framed wall lifting jacks
  • Airframe jacks for lifting the entire aircraft off the ground or deck
  • Ideal for lifting and placing items on the machinery skates
Types of jacks, capacity and prices
Type of Jack and manufacturer Jack's Capacity Jack's prices
Raptor Industrial / Machinery Toe Jack 10 Ton £287
Steerman Hydraulic Toe Jacks 10 Ton £488
Light duty FLOOR JACK 3 ton £135
Clarke Aluminium Trolley Jack 2 Ton £169
Jung Professional Toe Jack hydraulic, air and hand operated 20 Ton £2,200
Inflatable Jacks 70 ton £1430


Low profile Hydraulic Jack is very low and strong, available in small sizes, three feet altitude and very versatile design. The toe height spreads from 15 up to 25 mm. The hydraulic pump is protected by the lift housing. It's equipped in the hand lever pump. The machine to be lifted can be put on the jack's toe or on the top of the jack. It is suitable for all types of machinery repair. Most jacks consist of handle, adjustable brackets and safety valves.

Whether you want to hire a toe jack, buy or get a company who uses it every single day to help you with lifting your machinery you can contact us. We can train you employees and show them how to use properly and safely machinery lifting jacks. With our expertise we are in a position to advice you on how to use the toe jacks and give you some useful tips.

Please note that the machinery jacks prices published on our website may be out of date.

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