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Very often employing professional machinery engineers is not as cost efficient as hiring them when they are needed. Our services are available 24/7 and you pay only for the time we have spent on bringing back your factory to live. As we serve many different industries our mechanics are very experienced and are characterized by a vast technical knowledge that make it easy to diagnose problems and repair your machinery fast. Calling us and requesting a repair estimate costs nothing. We are here for you, ready to help in the twinkling of an eye.

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UK machinery and factory plant mechanics

Our mechanical engineers can be involved in many different types of activities: machinery and parts design, plant repairs or servicing of industrial installations and equipment. As a professional mechanical engineering company we can organize, carry out and supervise the manufacture of your products, assembly, repair and maintenance of your machinery and equipment. In particular we specialize in working with pumps and other liquid conveyors, compressors of all kinds, blowers, vacuum pumps and exhaust fans, ventilators, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, mechanical gears and couplings, drives, valves, dosing and packaging machinery, robots, manipulators, all type of woodworking machinery, steal and metal work cutting machines, printing machinery, building and agriculture machinery¬† and many others.

UK machinery mechanics and engineersOur machinery mechanics can start the entire production lines. We know how to regulate and check the electrical installation as well as the control and measuring devices within the machinery and other factory equipment. Our mechanical engineering services also include the diagnosis, detection and elimination of all causes of the accidents and damages. 

We can produce a list of half-worn, completely worn and damaged components. We can design and make or order spare parts. We can replace the worn parts of all your machines and devices. In addition to this our experienced plant engineers and mechanics can develop a machinery service plan so you can minimize the risk of future breakdowns.

The primary purpose, when training our mechanical technicians, is to prepare them for work in design, manufacturing, mechanical repair and installation of machinery and industrial equipment environment.

Our plant mechanics can help you with manufacturing’s technical supervision or organize the production processes.¬† We are high quality inspectors that your manufacturing plants need. By involving our UK mechanical engineering companies in servicing your mechanical appliances you are sure that the high quality work and effectiveness of your machines as well as their technical maintenance and standard preservation is on the highest level.

Mechanical engineering services and skills:

  • Working in accordance with your company's Health and Safety
  • The ability to quickly diagnose machines and identify technical problems and solved them
  • Good team work organization
  • Fundamentals of all machine design
  • Factory plant mechanicMaking machinery components, parts, equipment and tools for manual processing methods
  • Welding, bolting, fixing
  • Modernization, construction machines and industrial equipment
  • Inspection, repair and maintenance of machinery, equipment and tools
  • Mechanical supervision of the technical condition of machinery, factory plant and equipment
  • Good knowledge of conventional and CNC machining processes and technology
  • Design and manufacture of machine parts
  • Planning and organizing mechanical repair and assembly of machinery and equipment processes
  • Supervising the production process
  • Plant repairs
  • Installation of machinery and equipment
  • Operating machinery and equipment
  • 24/7 machinery mechanic availability and willingness to work
  • Preparation of conventional machine tools for machining, wood, metal, steel, plastic, cardboard and other natural and artificial material processing
  • Preparation of numerically controlled machine tools
  • Quick problem solving
  • Experience in many sectors of industry
  • Machinery maintenance company with high technical culture
  • Engineering tools hire

Factory mechanics and machinery technicians

Each of employed by us plant mechanics and engineers has an extent knowledge in the field of technology, construction and operation of machines. Our mechanics posse’s good theoretical foundations, the practical expertise and the ability to use modern techniques of computer-aided machinery design (CAD / CAM). In addition each factory mechanic possesses the thorough knowledge of work planning, organization and team-work management. Thanks to this our mechanical engineering company is able to meet and deliver the diverse requirements of our customers. In a short time we acquire a detailed knowledge required to work for even most demanding clients. We can repair food processing machinery. We specialise in automotive, farming, design, thermal, marine, manufacturing, construction, farm, chemical, electronic, architectural, automobile, computer and aeronautical engineering.

Plant mechanics