Most common printing Machinery Review

As the name tells you, printing machinery refers to any machine utilized in printing ink on substrate (that is a printing medium) which can be paper, cloth, plastic or the likes. The printing machinery is capable of transferring ink on the printing medium resting on inked platform composed of movable type by applying pressure to printing medium. The ink is transferred when the pressure is applied making the substrate to be pressed firmly on the inked surface. The invention of the printing press changed a lot of things in the world. It makes the preservation and transfer of historical records, scientific finding and knowledge easy and possible. Without it education would have been difficult as there will be little or no documented records and findings for further research. Literatures and books might still be in the form of scrolls which were very cumbersome to carry. Nowadays there are plenty of companies using printing machinery every day. We are machinery movers that help businesses to move them or provide plant repair.

Printing Presses

Printing MachineryThe first movable printing machinery invented and developed by the Chinese between the year 1041 and 1048 was very crude compared to what we have today even though it could be described as a landmark in the printing industry. Given the improvement in science and technology, there is great advancement in the printing machinery introduced in the market today.

As many companies are now making printing press, there is competition in the industry. This has led to the introduction of numerous enhanced features in printing machinery as each company is making effort to overcome the other competitors by introducing better features. Given the introduction of numerous features in these machineries, printing is now easier to be done than it was some centuries ago.

Printing machinery today is available in a number of sizes to suit different needs. There are bigger sizes of printing machinery for heavy duty printing or for big time printing businesses. There are also small and medium sizes for small and medium printing businesses.

The size of a machinery determines to a greater extent the volume of printing that will be done in a day. Heavy machines used for industrial purposes can print a lot of things per hour or on a regular basis when compared with small sized printing machinery.

Given that printing can be done on a number of mediums, there are different types of printing machinery for printing on different medium. There are printing machines meant for printing on a paper medium. There are also some that can print on cloths and fabric. Some are multi-purpose meaning that they can print on a number of medium.

Owing to the fact that printing machines make use of different printing technology for different printing purposes, different types of printing machines today are available today. Below are some of the common printing machines:

  • Digital printers
  • Digital printers
  • ink-jet printers
  • screen printers
  • heat press machines
  • flexographic printers
  • laser printer
  • pad printers
  • offset printers
  • rotogravure printing machines

Each of the above mentioned printing machinery is meant to serve a particular purpose. When you want to buy printing machinery, it is important that you consider your printing need or the type of printing you are doing before you order for your printing machine. In this way, you will avoid placing order for the wrong printing machinery.

The Parts of a printing machinery depends on its printing technology. For example, a thermal printer or thermal transfer printer does not require any ink in order to print. It makes use of heat for printing. For thermal transfer printer, it comes with a ribbon coated with heat sensitive chemicals. When the ribbon passes through the thermal head of the printer, it will become heated and the chemicals will melt and then be transferred to the medium or substrate to be printed.

Laser printersThe characters will appear on the printing medium when the transferred chemicals cool down. It is a chemical reaction and thus the process is completed quickly. Every other type of printing machinery is unique in its printing technology and that will determine its parts.

The inkjet printer for example does not have the thermal head that heats the coated ribbon.

Printing machinery is sold at different price range. A number of factors such as the brand, the size, the type of printing done, the seller and others determine the cost.