Most Common Woodworking Machinery and Equipment

Wood is one of the most widely used materials in the furniture and construction industry. Its durability and malleability are among the reasons why it is highly utilized in the construction industry.

Most Common Woodworking Machinery and EquipmentHowever, there are various types of machinery used in woodworking which make it possible for the desired shapes to be obtained or for the wood to be cut to the desired length or shape. If you are a woodworker we are the right machinery movers that can help you the set up your home joinery or factory.

Given that wood of various types are used for the construction of a number of things including houses, various types of furniture, bridges and others, there are numerous types of woodworking machinery. Each type of work has a specific machine it is meant for.

There are some that are used for commercial purposes or for more challenging works. There are also small types of woodworking tools and equipment meant for household use or small works.

In other words, woodworking machinery differs in sizes depending on what they are meant for. Below are some of the popular woodworking machinery that every woodworker would like to have.

Band Saw

A band saw is large woodworking machine. It serves the same purpose with jigsaw. The major difference between the two is that band saw is larger in size. It is mainly used for cutting curved or angled shapes from woods.

Given the size of band saw, you don't move the machinery over the wood in order to cut the desired shape.  Rather the machine is positioned in a place and so you move the wood over the blade of the machinery in order to obtain the desired curved or angled shape.

Band saw like every other machinery is composed of various parts. The metal blade is one of the most important parts of this machine. It has wheels that it rotates around with. If the blade is damaged, you will buy a complete new band. The timber to be cut is place on the base of the machine for support.

Disc Sander

This is large machinery used in woodworking industry. As implicit from the name, it is used for sanding the end grain timber. The machine moves at a very high speed in clockwise motion in order to sand wood. However, it is not suitable for sanding of surfaces and edges of wood given the speed at which it revolves. The sanding disc is one of the main parts of this machinery. If you are experiancing some mechanical or electrical problemms with this type of woodworking equipment we provide great industrial machinery repair services.

Drop Saw

Woodworking equipmentDrop saws are very common in many workplaces thanks to their versatility and ease of use. It is specifically meant for cutting of timber. It performs similar function with hand saw. But as a machine, it works better than hand saw.

One feature of drop saw that gives it an edge over other types of machines used in cutting timber is that its blade can be adjusted to suit the cutting of anything such as mitre joints.

There are different sizes as well as models of drop saws. But some models are larger and common with better and more sophisticated features. These more advance and larger models of drop saw are more expensive than others.

The machine has a base where the timber to be cut is placed. The blade is circular in shape. The machine nowadays comes with a retractable plastic guard which helps to protect the user of the machine from being injured when working with the machine.


This machine is used for sanding. But unlike disc sander used for sanding end grain, it is used for sanding surfaces and edges of timber. It has the same function with portable belt sander. The major difference is that it is machine and thus larger than belt sander.

Mortising Machine

As the name already tells us, this type of machine is used for making mortises for tenon and mortise joints. It is easier and quicker to make tenon joints and mortise with them than using mallet and chisels.

Pedestal drill

It is a larger form of cordless drill. It can be placed on the floor or mounted on a bench. They are meant for drilling of hole on a large wood or timber.

Scroll saw

Smaller and thin pieces of wood or timber which cannot be cut with jigsaws and band saws are cut with this type of machine.

Table saw

Woodwork machinesThis is very versatile woodworking machinery. It is used in cutting larger pieces of wood. Ends of timber can be squared off or trimmed using this machine. It can also be used to cut angles. This is why it is widely used in the wood working industry.


This is woodworking machinery meant for smoothing rough timber. The thickness of a timber can also be reduced using thicknesser.

As it has been said above, there are many types of machinery used in woodworking industry such as combination machine, drum sander, drill press, and double side planer.

Bench grinder, wood lathe, jointer, pin router, spindle moulder, tenoner, round pole sanding machine and many more. The above mentioned types of woodworking machinery are some of the most commonly used.but do not exhaust the list.