List of most common farm machinery

The good state of heavy machines and production lines is very important for manufacturing or production of various types of items including food products. The contemporary era will not be different from the preceding eras if there are no machines in today's industries. Given the importance of machines in the production of goods, you should ensure that your machinery is properly cleaned, decontaminated in order to keep it in good working condition.

UK Most Common Farm Equipment

Farm machinery listAs implicit from the name, farm machinery refers to the machine used in doing various types of farm works. The use of machines in doing various types of work started during the industrialisation period in the middle ages culminated in the contemporary time.

As technology is advancing, various types of machines for doing various types of works including machines for doing farm work have been introduced.

Today, hand-held machines as well as animal-drawn machinery used previously have been replaced by fuel and electric powered machines. With these machines, a lot of work can be accomplished just in few hours.

The farming industry has been improved greatly thanks to the use of heavy farm equipment in doing farm work. There are farming machines meant for family or subsistent agriculture and those meant for commercial farming. Along with the development of the farming machinery manufacturing industry a great number of heavy haulage companies have been established in the UK.

There are as many farm machines as there are farm works to be done ranging from clearing to harvesting. There are machines for doing any type of farm work. Some farming machines are multi purpose machines meaning that they are meant to be used for doing more than one farm work.

Here are some of the most common types of farm machinery:

  • Tractor

Tractor is widely used farm machinery. Both commercial and subsistence farmers make use of tractor for doing work. It is typically a wheeled vehicle with large wheels. Tractors mostly do not do any farm work themselves rather other farm equipment that do some farm works are attached to it. The main task is to draw or pull those machines so that they will execute the tasks they are meant for. Those machines that cannot propel or move themselves are attached to tractor. It can also be used to haul trailers to be used for agricultural purposes.  Tractors can also be used to power machines that cannot power themselves. It is available in various sizes depending on the type of machine to be attached to it.

  • Sprayer

As implicit from the name, this type of farm equipment is used to spray insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and any other products meant to be sprayed on the farm or plants. It is available in various types. Some of the types include agricultural aircraft-sprayer and blowers-prayer.  Liquid or powdered insecticides or pesticides can be sprayed using this type of machines. It is also possible to use some sprayer to water the farm.

  • Field cultivator

As the name already tells you, this machine is specifically meant for cultivating the farm or making the soil softer for planting. It can also be used to get rid of weeds or to aerate or make the soil softer shortly after the crops have started to germinate. Cultivators are very helpful in farming today. Hardened soils are made softer for easy penetration of nutrients and water. They help in preparation of the soil for planting and also in eliminating the weeds from plant.

Farm equipment
  • Shredders and cutters

These are machines meant for shredding and cutting unwanted vegetative growth and weeds.

  • Cotton harvester

This is a harvesting type of farming machinery but it is meant for the harvesting of cotton. They are normally available in two types, namely, pickers and strippers. If are looking for UK machinery movers please give us a call today.

  • Seeders and planters

After the land has been tilled or cultivated, seeders and planters are used for sowing of the seeds or planting of the crops. With this machine, a lot of seeds or crops can be planted within few hours.

  • Wheel tractor-scrapper

It is designed for earthmoving and for weeding purposes in a crop row of 1.5 width and above. Weeds within this depth are removed with this machine. Removed weeds are cut into pieces by the sharp blade of the scraper and they are buried deep in the soil. When buried weeds decay, they add to the green manure available to the soil.

  • Plough

It is specifically meant for ploughing the soil before the seeds are sowed or crops are planted. The make the earth softer so that the root of the crops planted can penetrate the soil in search of nutrients.

  • Baler

Baler is one of the most widely used farm machinery. It is used to cut hay and straw. It is also capable of raking and binding bales with twine for easy transportation and storage.

Farming machinery is too numerous to be mentioned. As it is mentioned above, there are as many farm machines as there are farm works to be done. Each type of farm work has several farm equipment used in doing it. It is therefore good to classify these machines according to the type of work they are meant for rather than mentioning them one after the other. Here are some classifications of machines based on the type of farm works they are meant for:

  • cultivators which include power tiller, plough, drag, spike, chisel plough, rockier picker and others
  • planters and transplanters meant for planting of crops
  • irrigation machinery for watering of the field
  • harvesters which include thresher, combine machinery, conveyor belts, cotton pickers, corn, cane and bean harvester, gleaner, Farm machinesgravity wagons, swathers and diggers
  • haying machines and loaders which include rakers, balers, bale movers, mowers, fron, backhoe and others
  • transporting machines such as trucks, helicopters and planes

The problem with the farm machinery is to get them from one place to another as their are not meant to drive long distances. We have the right moving equipment and can help you at any time and in every situation. Whether you have bought a tractor, Baler, combine harvester on the machinery auction we will be happy to help.