Most popular construction Machinery Review

City development projects such as constructions of homes, bridges, roads, railways, airports, stadium and others require a lot of heavy construction equipment. Man alone cannot complete this type of project. Some of these engineering works are done with heavy materials which cannot be lifted up by man. To make some building work possible and also easy, different kinds of construction machinery are used. These building machines can be classified in various ways. They can be classified according to the type of work they are used for or according to their weight. Here are some types of construction machinery used for completing large building projects. Our list of most common construction machinery include:

Heavy Earthmoving

Construction machineryAs implicit from the name, heavy earthmoving machines are heavy machine made specifically for excavation of large quantity of soil. There are different types of heavy earthmoving machines.

Each is meant for particular task. Generally, earthmoving machines and other heavy machines come with five system which include traction, implement, power train, structure and control and information.

They are normally used during building works that involve earthwork operation such as road constructions.

They come with big tires big enough to maintain strong grip or traction with any type of train. Thus, they can be used to work under various terrains.

Examples of heavy earthmoving machines are loaders, excavators, low clearance loaders, dozers and others. The reason we have included those construction machinery in our review it that these machines are most commonly used across the world.

Light Earthmoving

Light earthmoving construction machines perform similar functions with heavy earthmoving equipment. The major difference between the two lies in their sizes and the nature of earthmoving work that can be done with them. Light earthmoving machines are used for light earthmoving operation. They are not as big as heavy earthmoving tools. Thus, they specifically meant for light excavation or light loading. Examples of light earthmoving machines are compact track loaders, mini excavators, skid steers, second largest excavator.

Trucking & Hauling

Trucking and hauling machines refer to those types of machinery used for movement or transport of working materials from one point to another. Materials such as slabs, sand, cements, and others are moved to and from the working site with these machines. They are available in a number of types depending on the construction sites they are to be used or on the types of loads they are meant to carry. Examples of trucking and heavy machinery haulage equipment are dump truck, smoother, finer T8, dream drive, 4x4 Goes off road, mixer trucks, boom truck lifts, lightweight trailer and many more.

Paving and Compacting

Paving and compacting construction machinery is a type of equipment used during construction of commercial, residential and public landscape for creating pavement and compressing purposes. This type of machinery is designed to compact or compress soil, pavers, dirt, concrete or any portion of the construction site that required to be compacted and compressed firmly to the ground.

Construction equipmentPaving and compacting machines are available in a number of types and sizes. There are bigger sizes used for heavy construction work like during construction of roads and others.

There are small size paving and compacting machines which can be used by homeowners and landscape constructors to execute simple landscaping work.

Typical examples of paving and compacting machines are reclaimer stabilizer, GOMACO G+, tracked asphalt paver, dynamic CA series compactors, double drum compactors, Asphalt pavers, concrete paver, concrete paver adds track options and many more

Lifting & Material Handling machinery

As the name already tells you, this type of moving equipment is meant for the lifting, movement, storage, protection and control of materials used for construction purposes. They are very important machines.

A lot of building materials are too heavy for any person to carry or lift. With the machines, those materials can be lifted and moved to the point where they will be used for work. They can be heavy machinery or light machinery. The heavy lifting and handling machines are meant for the lifting of very heavy items. The light ones are meant for the lifting and movement of light materials.

They are used by construction industries as well as international machinery shipping companies. The manufacturing industries also make use of lifting and material handling machines. Examples of this type of machinery are primary crushers, rough-terrain crane, waste handler, truck crane, brush blazer, demolition robots, scissor lift, concrete pump, mounted articulating cranes, trailblazer conveyor, material handler, mobile crusher, and many more.

Drilling & Trenching

Drilling and trenching machines are used for making holes and digging trenches. These machines are available in a number of sizes. Some are hand-held while some have power train for driving them. They can also be used in a number of environments like during construction of bridges, roads, landscape, stadiums, tunnels and others. It is the type construction and holes or trenches being created that will determine the type of drilling and trenching machinery to be used. Examples of drilling and trenching machinery are quad trencher, little beaver horizontal boring kits, ditch witch JT25 directional drill and many others. This type of contraction machines have been listed on the 7th position in our building machinery review.

Light Equipment

Building machineryLight construction equipment is used to generate electricity for light during building work. It is available in a number of types depending on the amount of light required.

They are mostly used for night construction or generation of electricity in the camping site of building company.

Examples of light machinery are electric power wave, generator system, power trowel line, light towers and many more.


Examples of ancillary building machines are Gemac CAN-Bus Tester, earth augers, tire monitoring system and others. These machines are used to provide support to other machines.

There are many other types of building machinery that have not included on our construction machinery list. If you would like to suggest any equipment you would like to include in our review please drop us a quick email.