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I you are looking for cheap, affordable but at the same time professional and reliable factory plant electrician we can advice for free and make your nightmares disappear by fixing your electrical installations. In most cases our industrial machinery electrical engineers can visit you at your factory within 24 hours notice. However if you are one of our existing clients and have a contract in place with us we can do much better than this. Get yourself reliable machine electrical contractors that will keep your production up and running.

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Electrical services

Electrical Services for Machinery and factory plant

Our electrical services arouse a lot of interest among all our clients. It is always good to know you have someone to turn to when your production line or one of your machines has stopped working. Our experienced industrial machinery electricians are prepared to diagnose and fix all, even most complex machinery breakdowns. All our electrical technicians have the latest knowledge, professional qualifications and skills. They are also aware of the need for continuous improvement, self-development of capabilities, potentialities and acquiring new certificates.

We want you to have an extra piece of mind and that's why our electricians are ready to deal with any of your electrical issues seven days a week, 24/7.

We service, modernize and build electrical devices. Our electrical engineers are extremely ambitious and talented. We fix mistakes made by others and solve problems that no one else can handle. We operate on the basis of academic knowledge and vast on-site experience.

We build, service and install electrical installations for every type of machinery and all branches of industry: agricultural, automotive, chemical, computer, cosmetics, defence, energy, food, beverage, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, steel, engineering, consumer goods, electronics, printing presses, woodworking machinery, construction, metal, oil refinery, building, all manufacturing lines  and all other types of industries.

We realise as much as you do how the electrical installations of your machinery, plants, production lines and the entire factory affects the safety of your employees and ensure there is no downtime in your business.

UK industrial electricians

Professional and reliable industrial electrician

The ongoing in-house training of our machinery electrical engineers and electric systems technicians and the manner of its implementation are subject to the changes taking place in the socio-economic environment, which in particular affect s: the idea of ​​the economy based on the professional knowledge, globalization, economic and social processes, the growing share of international trade, geographical and occupational mobility, new techniques and technologies, as well as the increase in customers' expectations in terms of the level of knowledge and skills of our electricians.

Cheap and local machinery electrical engineers

All our machinery electrician technicians are prepared to perform the following professional tasks:

  • The shut down,  installation and start up of machines and electrical equipment on the basis of the technical documentation;
  • designing, building and start up of electrical installations on the basis of the technical plans;
  • locating,  diagnosing, and removing electrical damage of machinery, equipment and electrical installations;
  • evaluate the technical condition of machinery, equipment and electrical installations after repair, replacement or adjustment ;
  • assembling and repairing power control systems;
  • choosing,  matching, assembling and reviewing fire protection measures;
  • preventing machinery from overheating;

Factory electrician support

Machinery electrical services
  • use the concepts of electrical engineering and electronics;
  • describes the phenomena of direct and alternating current;
  • interpret the physical parameters related to the AC;
  • sets characteristics of sine waves  y = A sin (ωt + φ);
  • calculates the right electric field intensity and estimates the costs of the electrical circuits and electronic systems;
  •  recognizes components of electrical and electronics systems;
  • draw schematic and assembly diagrams of electrical and electronic systems;
  • Work in conjunction with machinery movers to speed up the completion of the project;
  • distinguishes between parameters of the components and electrical and electronic systems;
  • uses the technical drawing during the assembly of factory electric network;
  • selects appropriate tools and measuring instruments to perform work in the field of the machinery mechanical components, electrical and electronic equipment installation;
  • performs work in the field of manual processing;
  • describes the functions of components, electrical and electronic systems on the basis of industrial plant technical documentation;
  • combines elements of electrical and electronic systems based on circuit and assembly diagrams;
  • chooses methods and instruments for measuring parameters of electric systems and electronics;
  • takes measurements of the components electrical  intensity values;
  • presents the results of measurements and calculations in the form of tables and graphs;
  • uses the technical documentation, catalogues and instructions and comply with the standards in this area;
  • uses computer programs to support execution of tasks

Give us a call and check our references. Our industrial electrician company has in our portfolio some of the UK biggest companies. Who knows maybe we do electric work you your competitors and the company next door. We are happy to provide you our best references. We are the industrial electrician firm you would like to work with over and over again.

Advantages of using our electrical specialists

Factory plant electrician
  • fully equipped and professional
  • ready to solve even most complex electrical installation problems
  • available 24/7, 7 days a week
  • no need for full-time machinery electricians
  • electrical technicians ready to travel overseas
  • serving small, large and international companies
  • reduction (limitation) of costs, by reducing the amount of full-time electricians you save money that would be spent on wages, national insurance, pension and sickness. Your company doesn't bear the costs of annual leave, electrical engineers training costs and especially the costs of maintaining machinery electricians jobs when your business gets quite.
  • elimination of problems with staff
  • Outsourcing your electrical services needs to our company performing similar activities in many other companies make a lot of sense. You can hire better professionals at competitive costs
  • get more stability
  • no dependence on illness, leave, child care
  • the ability to use our factory electrical services delivered by experts with extensive experience and expertise whose employment would be too expensive and irrational
  • when performing electrical repairs our UK, local and cheap machinery electricians use tolls and equipment belonging to our Industrial Electrician Companies
  • more efficient use of the working time. In contrast to a full-time employees, you outsource work when there is something to do. We do not count any overtime, and if needed we also work on Saturdays, Sundays and at night.
  • easy access to the latest electrical systems and installation technology information with no need to organizing trainings to raise your machinery electricians' qualifications
  • Machinery electrical engineers
  • we exempt your managers from time-consuming administrative tasks and allow you to focus your attention on the core business
  • we provide high quality electrical services based on the experience and expertise
  • marked decrease of investments, because you are paying for the service you do not have to invest in the infrastructure, electrical tools and equipment
  • the problem of aging technology and tools falls on the shoulders of our industrial electricians
  • we guarantee a high-quality access to modern technology and know-how, and knowledge and skills at the highest level 

The advantage of outsourcing of all your manufacturing, building, agriculture machinery electrical requirements is very significant. allow you to focus on your core business and devote full attention to meet needs of your clients to gain an advantage over your competitors, and maximize your factory profit. By employing our industrial electrical engineers you are using a strategic business tool that helps you manage your factory better, cheaper and enables you to grow your company faster. It is not easy to acquire expertise, constantly developing skills and learning new machinery electrical solutions. It is much better and wiser to turn to our professional machinery electricians with an external company that will guarantee a constant level of electrical service than ever to invest in your own electricians who, after gaining the expertise and qualifications will most likely start looking for a better paid job.