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We deal with oversized and specialized road transport. Whether you want to haul a piece of heave machinery, the entire production line, farm machinery, concrete, aluminium or steel construction elements we are the right haulage company to contact.

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Transportation of heavy cargo up to 50 tons. We haul goods of any type, size and weight.

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Network of professional UK and international haulage companies. Competitive transport costs.

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With many years of experience in the shipping and road transport industry coupled with the required skills and expertise, we are the right business to offer you quality heavy haulage services. Hauling heavy machines and tools is a delicate work and it can be very risk when it is handled by inexperienced movers. It requires professional handling. So, if you have any heavy loads to haul, we feel glad to tell you that we are your first and last port of call.

UK Heavy haulage companiesWe have the necessary manpower and machine to haul and move any type of heavy items ranging from yacht of various sizes, heavy machinery, warehouse and factory equipment to heavy metal materials.

No matter how heavy and awkward the load may seem to be, we are capable of hauling and relocating it to any place in the UK and worldwide.

We are quite aware of the risk and challenges involved in hauling heavy tools. This is why we have gone the extra mile in preparing ourselves to meet these challenges and overcoming the risks. We have taken various measures to ensure that we offer quality heavy haulage services to all clients - private and commercial. We have acquired various kinds of moving equipment and heavy haulage vehicles which are satellite monitored on 24/7 basis.

No matter the type of loads you are moving, we have a haulage truck that is capable of transporting your machinery to the required location without breaking down as a result of the weight of the items. With these vehicles, we are capable of conveying any heavy loads to any part of Europe and the world at large. 

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We know that vehicles alone are not enough to guarantee successful transportation of heavy machines. Such services also require heavy lifting and hauling equipments such as large and long mobile or lorry mounted cranes. Any reliable and reputable hauling company UK that offers heavy transport services should boast of various kinds of heavy haulage trucks and not just having one or two. Just visit our base. You will marvel at the various types of heavy hauling equipment we have. We also have a network of trustworthy UK, Europe and international heavy transport equipment and truck hire companies. With a proper agreements in place we can offer competitive hauling rates and tailored to your needs quotes to almost every corner of the world. Our affordable machinery transport costs can be negotiated too. We have invested heavily in heavy haulage equipment and necessary technology just to ensure that we provide quality services to our clients. So, you should not have any fear when you hire our transport service regardless of how heavy your goods are.

Machinery transportation services by road

What are these heavy transport machines if there are no professionals to operate them? Hauling will be more risky and too dangerous if these machines are operated by inexperience personnel. This is why we employ professionals and also further train them so that they will be able to operate various types of hauling machines in various environment and circumstances. All our haulage trucks and vehicles used in transportation of heavy machinery and equipment are manned by experienced drivers with proper license. They have taken various driving training that will enable them to drive these vehicles. We feel proud to tell you that they are all successful with various required driving tests before driver’s license for such vehicle is issued. This means that your items are transported by experienced drivers.

Heavy transportOur hauling equipment is also managed by personnel expertly trained to operate the machine. They are not only good in operating these heavy haulage machineries, they are also good in getting the loads ready for lifting making sure that it is properly tied with the right material before hauling.

Hauling of heavy machinery and loads require proper planning and preparation to ensure that nothing important is left out. A lot of things are involved in the services such as getting various permits and complying with the necessary requirements.

As a leader in the industry, we are abreast with the goings on in the industry. We can help you with the planning and preparation for transporting heavy items. We have a team of professional haulage planners, mechanical engineers and machinery electricians.

They will look into your haulage needs and provide you with sound advice on how to go about it and also work out effective strategy that will suit your hauling needs and at the same time save you some money on your machinery transport costs..

We pride ourselves on offering customer satisfaction. Many businesses and individuals have used our UK haulage services and they are very pleased. We are confident in ourselves and this is why we guarantee you satisfaction. Our machinery transport prices are very affordable and we are open to negotiation. Just call on us if you have any heavy machine or equipment to be hauled and transported by road to another location in the UK, Europe or worldwide.

Machinery, heavy equipment and items we have transported

  • HDS Sea shipping containers - 20 `(6 m / 2.5 m), up to the weight up to 20 tons; 40 `(12 m / 2.5 m) to the weight of 56 tons
  • Small machinery (loading and unloading by cranes up to 20 tonnes in weight): Printing machinery, industrial, welding, lathes, milling machines, lasers for cutting metal, production lines, hydraulic presses
  • Construction equipment and agricultural machinery (excavators, loaders, road rollers, combines, tractors)
  • Rotors, silos, tanks, engines, bays, bridges, cranes
  • Elements of any length (roof trusses, steel reinforcement, etc.)Haulage companies UK
  • Concrete structures, steel, aluminium constructions
  • Haulage of transformers up to the weight of 40 tons
  • Generators
  • Turning and cutting machines transport
  • High pressure pumps in the container housing
  • Industrial installations
  • Pipes, chimneys, ducts
  • Articulated trucks, machinery and equipment
  • Machinery and equipment for recycling
  • Farm machinery transport
  • Military equipment
  • Boats, yachts, floating devices haulage
  • Aircraft Engines
  • Roofing elements
  • Large windows
  • Steel and concrete elements up to  20 tons in weight
  • Installing billboards and LED screens at heights up to 23 m
  • Power generators
  • Gantry to the span of 30m
  • Ventilation for buildings

Heavy equipment transport