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Different projects require different moving equipment. The more suitable equipment and tools you have the quicker, cheaper and trouble-free a successful completion of your move can be achieved. We survey each job very carefully and always choose best possible tools, equipment and accessories to provide smooth transition. Our decisions are based on pre-move on-site machinery and site logistic examination.

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Machinery movers

Moving equipment, tools and accessories for short and long distance relocations

We are prepared to handle even the most challenging projects. We have the expertise and the right moving equipment that allow for the implementation of most complex logistical undertakings.

Everywhere, where the ingenuity and the strength of human hands are not enough, the use of our technical removal equipment is irreplaceable to support the transportation of heavy objects inside and outside offices, warehouses, buildings and first and foremost  factories.

The moving equipment can be broken down into two main groups. Equipment for internal lifting and shifting  and the moving equipment for external short and long distance moves.

Relocation of heavy objects within a single workplace is called an internal relocation. Removal tools and machinery lifting equipment for internal transportation can be divided to:

  • Equipment for handling solid objects and materials
  • Equipment for moving liquids (pumps )
  • Equipment for transferring gas (fans )

Machinery moving equipmentMoving equipment for on-site projects can be divided into:

  • Forklifts
  • Hyster fork trucks
  • Overhead stationery and portable cranes
  • Bridge, gantry and jib cranes
  • Machine skates and dollies
  • Plant overhead lifting accessories
  • Machinery pulling and securing accessories
  • Rigging
  • Rollers and wheels
  • Ramps and hydraulic loading and unloading ramps
  • Hi-abs, hoists
  • Hydraulic machinery lifting jacks and pumps

Machinery lifting and moving equipment for off-site and long distance transportation consists of:

  • 7,5 ton Vehicles with a large tail lift with capacity up to 2 ton
  • Cranes with capacity up to 50 ton
  • Truck mounted crane with up to 100 ton lifting capacity
  • Flat bed, curtain sided, open roof vehicles with sliding canopy
  • Draw-bar trailers, rigid vans
  • Shipping vessels (for sea machinery shipping)
  • Train and planes (very rarely used)
  • Mobile cranes hire

Machinery removal equipmentYou can trust our experience and take advantage of our moving equipment. We know how to operate latest moving tools and have all necessary removal and transportation equipment and always strive to be up-to-date with latest technology. Thanks to a wide range of plant moving equipment we always use proper tolls, adequate to your requirements. This make all relocation to go smoothly and according to plan. If you know how to use heavy lifting equipment and have appropriate operator qualifications you can hire any type of equipment you need. We can also help you test and buy moving tools you need, install running workstation crane runways and even design and build moving equipment that meets your very specific manufacturing, loading, unloading and transportation needs.

By hiring our machinery movers you can significantly cut your moving equipment hire costs. Give us a call to find out our rates and get our brochure with all cheap moving equipment description and specification. Our heavy equipment moving devices can really speed up and facilitate the completion of your project.

If you do not need our equipment operators we will be happy to provide you with all necessary guidance, tips, advice and manuals so you can easily and safely utilize our equipment designed for lifting, manoeuvring, moving around and placing your machines where you want.

We also run online auctions where you can sell your new or used removal equipment. It is also very good place online for buying cheap, professional industrial moving trucks, vehicles and machinery moving equipment.