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Before we will be in position to provide you with moving costs or other services prices it is very important we fully understand your requirements. Most relocation projects require an on-site visit so we can assess the scope of work, resources, equipment and the time required to deliver the service you need within a time-frame given. Smaller jobs can be priced based on the job description provided. Please note that the technical survey, all machinery and factory relocation cost estimates we provide at no charge and with no obligation so it is your choice and decision whether you want to talk to one of our engineers face to face, request quote on the phone or by filling out the online form. We'd prefer to meet you in person!

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Estimating moving costs for new, unique machinery and production lines

The cost of shutting down, disassembly and assembly of machinery as in the case of other manufacturing processes can be divided into fixed and variable costs . In the case of the individual machines exclusively designed to customer specific needs and made ​​up of many components, the estimation of moving costs, at the stage of preparing the offer, when often we do not have a final version of the project,  plant design and project documentation, is a very risky task.

Most often we have to assume intuitively and based on our experience certain amount of time needed to complete the project. There are companies out there that allow a sufficient amount of time with some extra time for the implementation of the order to be on the safe side, and some companies that allow significantly less time to carry out and complete the removals. Of course it is very important the client is aware of the way the machinery moving cost has been prepared. We always consult it with the customer.

The fixed costs in most businesses are known and properly taken into account of the factory plant relocation cost calculation.  The most difficult part is to estimate the variable prices. Based on our expertise it can be concluded that the main factors affecting factory relocation costs are:

  • the cost of disconnecting, disassembly, removals and installation of machinery and production lines
  • the time of the implementation the entire project
  • the number of workers involved
  • the type of equipment used ( including the cost of depreciation and the cost the energy consumed)
  • the cost of the materials used
  • access restrictions

Moving quote

To develop a system for estimating the cost of a factory move we create a database that contains information about the standard and non-standard activities directly and indirectly related to the relocation such as Machinery and factory relocation coststhe transport of spare parts needed to the assembly of plant, the downtime due to waiting for materials of which the delivery is delayed, unexpected delivery delays, etc.

The developed database will be helpful in determining the aggregate hours for moving and assembly of non-standard machinery manufactured on one-off basis.

The installation time and the type of tools required for carrying out the job result mainly from the type of machinery, the number of parts to be assembled, their dimensions and the weight.

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Also the precision of the connections and the type of individual components have a large impact on the time needed to complete the project. The most unique and complex are the machinery the longest time is needed which significantly prolongs the assembly and simultaneously increases the total cost of moving and machinery installation.

In the case of determining the cost of moving and assembly of entire production lines, which are being installed for the first time and there is no estimated assembly time it is very difficult to calculate the actual installation costs which are only one of many components of the total cost removal costs. In such cases our moving quote can be based on hourly rates.

In most cases the first machinery move cost estimate is based on the experience of our engineers. Depend on the client’s preferences the prices are prepared with greater or lesser mistake and the exact moving costs are developed during a proper and a very long planning process

Relocation costs of standard factory plant

In case of moving standard machinery, with no need for dismantling, we are very comfortable to prepare and provide an exact moving costs estimate just after the first site survey. Relocation costs of standard factory plant can are prepared to individual requirements of our clients - the time-scale, budget, moving time and factory or site logistics. Contact us today to get machinery removal and all our services' prices for free. It does not cost you anything as we will give you a free advice and a free moving quote.

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